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storm damages

Storm Damage

Storm damages can destroy your home. Whether due to an ice storm, flooding or more SERVPRO of Hazel Park is ready to restore your space! We are so proud to get you back into your home and help our community!

storm damage

Storm Damages Affect Home

When a storm caused damages to this Royal Oak, Michigan home - SERVPRO of Hazel Park was on the way in no time. We're always "here to help" and restore your property - 24/7/365.

before and after fire damage

SERVPRO of Hazel Park Restores

This incredible before and after shot exemplifies SERVPRO of Hazel Park's abilities after damages to your property. We are incredibly proud to be able to get people back into their homes and leave your space "Like it never even happened."

kitchen appliances

Keep an Eye on Your Appliances!

One of the main culprits of kitchen fires is appliances! When you are not able to keep on eye while cooking, unfortunately accidents can happen. This photo shows a home that we restored after such an incident. 

kitchen cabinets with smoke damage

Smoke Damages Left After Fire

Seeing the lasting effects of a fire in your home can bring incredible stress to you and your family. At SERVPRO of Hazel Park we pride ourselves on getting your home back to "Like it never even happened." 

boarded up room

Board Up to Begin

Beginning our fire damage restoration process requires a few initial first steps from our team at SERVPRO of Hazel Park. We utilize a process called board up that is seen here to ensure that any salvageable items do not sustain further damage.  

restored bathroom with toilet and shower

Leaky Restroom

This bathroom experienced water damage which required immediate clean up and restoration services. Seen here, is what remains! Our SERVPRO of Hazel Park team extracted the excess water from the same restroom and then we were able to restore the property and have the family get back in and back on with their lives. 

restored and renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Restored Kitchen Wows Home Owners

After a kitchen fire damaged this families home, our SERVPRO of Hazel Park team were able to rid the home of soot and smoke damage. After the restoration process was complete, the family was thrilled to find a newly renovated kitchen to come home to. 

fire damage in kitchen above stove

Fire Damage in a Royal Oak Kitchen

This Royal Oak, Michigan home was damaged by fire damage in their kitchen, as seen here. Cooking fires are incredibly common and luckily our SERVPRO of Hazel Park team was able to restore their home quickly. 

severe fire damage

Fire Damage Begins in Kitchen

This photo shows a home that has undergone severe fire damage. The majority of fires begin in the kitchen, as was the case in this Hazel Park home. SERVPRO of Hazel Park serves to restore your property. 

before and after fire damage in home

Restored Home after Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Hazel Park restores homes and businesses after severe damage like the fire that damaged this local home. Our professionals use both our training and equipment to get properties and belongings restored back to, "Like it never even happened." 

Sanitizing/Spraying for COVID-19

Sanitizing/Spraying for COVID-19

We have been trying to keep ourselves busy by doing what we do best and that's helping our community! We have EPA certified disinfectant and we have been spraying and sanitizing businesses, homes, apartment complexes, and even detention centers during this pandemic. If you have any questions regarding the sanitizing options we offer, please call today! 248-556-4200

Self-Contained Heater Trailer

This Self-Contained Heater Trailer makes it easy to take powerful, dependable heat to any SERVPRO of Hazel Park job site! This heater can be used to heat up a building to kill bed bugs or to simply heat a job site for a quicker dry-out time. Call 248-556-4200 if you have any problems and we will be there to help!

Total Water Loss at a Condo, Detroit, MI

This is our crew removing debris from a total water loss at a condo in Detroit. The loss was all three floors. Our SERVPRO of Hazel Park crew removed the flooring, the walls, and everything else that was in the condo. The owner was very happy with how quickly and efficiently SERVPRO of Hazel Park got the job done!

Waltonwood Senior Community Carpet Cleanings

Here is our crew doing a carpet cleaning at one of the Waltonwood Senior Communities in our area. Our crew performs these cleanings, after hours, when needed by the facilities. As you can see from the picture, the front of the room has been cleaned, the back is about to be cleaned.

Cleaning and Organizing Our Warehouse

After the many jobs that we have had recently, our SERVPRO crew is cleaning the air movers and fans and putting them back on the shelves. We clean our equipment after every job that way it's always Emergency Ready and we can just pull any off the shelf for any job!

Dry Ice Blasting To Get Rid of Mold

Pictured here is one of our certified crew members dry ice blasting a room at a house. In this case, we were ice blasting to get rid of mold that the homeowner had.